Highlights of 2003:

The Spirites Consort were played on WDVRís ďThe Mists of AvalonĒ with Walt Haake, a program of Celtic, Mediaeval, Renaissance and fantasy music. They were also played on other radio programs throughout the country and abroad including WFIU, CKUT, ZMCE, WLRN, WNMC, WFCR, WAER, WRPI and WAMC.

The Spirites Consort were featured artists on Renradio with a correlating interview by Lady Em from Renfriends and a CD contest to promote the radio station.

Lise Winne and Jeff Belding started the band, ďSaratoga FaireĒ, with Frank Orsini and Jim Lestrange.

The groupís first concerts were held at The Fish House Community Concert Series, the Kingsbury Coffeehouse, Krib-stock and Saint Paulís Coffeehouse.

Lise began the art work for her solo art exhibit slated for November 2004 at The Small Gallery in Cambridge, NY.

The Spirites Consort performed for ďFirst Night SaratogaĒ to packed houses at the Saratoga Springs Art Center.

At Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY was an event called The All Girl Revue hosted and run by Corley Roberts. Featured performers included Corley, Karen Jacobsen, Jennifer Greer, Melanie Krahmer (with her band, Sirsy), and Lise (with Jim Lestrange on hammered dulcimer and Rick Eckberg on bass).

  Liseís web-diary for the year follows:

September 20, 2003

            The summer is slowly winding down and the tops of the trees are finally starting to turn red. We (The Spirites Consort) just got through playing in a quaint Adirondack town called Inlet which we enjoyed very much. Many folks in the audience stopped us on our break. Some came over to tell us that they enjoyed us because we didnít play a usual brand of music. And then the offers came: one man handed me a paper and wrote a contact number for his church hoping I would sing there and another man asked if we might be interested in putting on a concert at his boathouse.

            The man who hired us said that he had received hundreds of CDs and tapes for the event. We were chosen not only for our music, but for our hats. Just when we were ready to dump this attire! One venue that we applied to said they had rejected us because of the hats (we look ridiculous), but apparently there are some people who like a jesterly attitude with their music.

            It was a beautiful ride up there. There were a lot of hairpin turns, small rustic towns by quiet lakes with canoes. We saw some people portaging on the road and hikers carrying heavy backpacks into the woods. During one long stretch of road I practically ran into a sizeable tree that had fallen over. Fortunately my car just skimmed underneath it. When I saw that it was hanging by a few splinters, I considered myself very lucky.

            Besides finishing up another CD project, I have a show in an art gallery in November of 2004 and I am just starting to make pieces for it (thatís my real job, you know, and Iím sure you always believe me). I often have big plans for solo exhibits, a lot of ideas, lists and preliminary drawings, but usually only some of what Iíve planned can be fully implemented because my work tends to be very detailed and time consuming. My visual art, like my CDs, tends to be theme-oriented. Although I keep the theme to myself until the opening, it does become apparent what Iíve been obsessing about for a year or more.

            Right now a soft rain is on my tin roof. It is late at night. I hope to dream of more songs.