Highlights of 2012:

Lise was featured in a number of blogs including Rew Elliot's blog about Wish Tree tags and a whole post about Lise on BlueTina's blog.

One of Lise's unicorns was also featured in one of WindysDesigns collections on Wanelo. Go here to see that.

Lise was awarded the Kreativ Blogger award by Karen Anne Brady (viewable here).

A new "professional" facebook page was established.


January 8, 2012

below are some digital artworks that Jim Manngard made from a photo of me by Jim Lestrange 
all were done in 2011
Jim Manngard and Jim Lestrange (not to be used except from permission by the artists!)
(click on thumbnails for a larger view)

(I wonder whether the dog will jump in!)
digital art by Jim Manngard from a photo by Jim Lestrange

digital art by Jim Manngard from a photo by Jim Lestrange

digital art by Jim Manngard from a photo by Jim Lestrange

digital art by Jim Manngard from a photo by Jim Lestrange

digital art by Jim Manngard from a photo by Jim Lestrange

I feel so honored to have been chosen for Jim Manngard's art! Jim Manngard is a very multi-talented artist: besides making these kinds of works for his friends (most of which include elaborate borders), he is also a photographer, the sound person and personal assistant for Blackmore's Night (a Renaissance/fantasy folk rock band), plays guitars -- and he even does carpentry! You can find more of his photos on the Blackmores Night and Candice Night websites. Unfortunately you won't find too many of these fanciful pieces (though he has done many wonderful, magical works of art from the band pictures, including from his own pictures of the band), but at least you will find his photos! Here is just one of his band tour photos from 2011.

Anyway, happy new year! 

Aside from the great digital artworks above, this was a relatively uneventful year for me compared to most... which is a good thing because most of the time I tend to feel overwhelmed. 

I created some art and music during the period, but in terms of gallery shows and concerts, it was quiet until November and December. 

Here are a few highlights from the year:

The new year started out with a group exhibit called "Winter Garden" at Hubbard Hall Projects in the Small Gallery (Jan. 6 - February 2). Here is the piece that I exhibited for the show (click on thumbnail for a larger view):


In May, I took the same piece to the member show at Lower Adirondack Regional Art Center (May 20 - June 22).

It was also in May (May 15) that the song I co-wrote with Jeff Belding ("Living to Eternity") was featured on Community Cafe Hour on 101.7 FM.

In July I was interviewed by the Troy Record newspaper. You can also read the entire interview from the interviewer's blog, Artolution.

I was also asked to do a tote bag design for Valley Artisans Market which would take a lot of the same aspects and design elements as their logo. The tote bag design is viewable in my gallery here.

August was full of house projects, stocking shops, making display units and a seconds sale, but I was able to produce some art for Halloween and autumn. Some of it is viewable here.

The beginning of November was the start of the holiday season with the introduction of some new holiday greeting cards, gift tags, holiday concerts including two Victorian Christmas concerts and a new clothing line.

I also started a new gallery section in December on my website here.

Most of all, the year for me was about spending more time with family and friends, going on a few trips and finishing some necessary house projects, something I have been neglecting for over 20 years. I have a few big projects I'd like to complete in 2012. My newest endeavor includes work which will  include a combination CD and art project, something I've never tried before, but which makes much more sense than what I'm doing now (keeping them separate except for the genre). I'm also going to pursue a long-awaited website/e-commerce site for my greeting cards, prints and other paper products. Hopefully I can move forward with all of my plans. 

I have a strong feeling that 2012 will be a year of huge change for the world and for me personally (but it is just a hunch at this point). Anyway, thank you for reading. I'll be posting here again next year around this time. If you want to read more from me, then you can always check out my blog. Happy new year to all!

Carrying on the tradition from last year, some great artist finds include (note: most of these I've known about for years, but thought I'd put them before your eyes too):



Aryeh Frankfurter



Sally Jones (in particular I am partial to her song "Love Hurts" (which you can hear via the link), a Roy Orbison song she redid in bluegrass style (I went to the same school as her husband and got to know her music through him).


Tim Coal Jones

Randi Martin Kish

Joanne Axford

Laurie Landry

Owl Creek Ceramics


The Cart Before the Horse