Frank Orsini has been one of the prominent acoustic musicians of Upstate New York. He plays violin, viola and mandolin, and has recently taken up Celtic harp.

A versatile fiddler, singer and seasoned ensemble player, he has been on numerous recordings and been a member of many established groups with a strong following including the Whipper-Snappers, the Upstate Bluegrass Band and the High Flyers. He has also played extensively with Walt Michael, Bill Matthiesen and Liz Stell, Roy "Poncho" Hurd, Martha Gallagher, Barbara Mccarthy and Brian "Chip" Chevalier as well as been a part of projects with John Kirk and Trish Miller.

Frank’s repertoire and expertise is extensive and spans Elizabethan and Early music, Celtic, Bluegrass, Country, and Blues as well as dance tunes from olde England, New England, Canada, Appalachia, American swing and Cajun.